“Carve your name on hearts, not on marble”  -C.H. Spurgeon

Not to be overly poetic, but you guys have written your names on some of the most painful places in my heart and when I feel and remember those times and events I see your names there and it doesn’t hurt. Can’t explain it, but it is precious to me. -Lori, Missouri welcherts-casual

I am humbled by your pure love. Your family has loved me completely and fully when no one else did. With everything that is in me, I thank you for making me look in the mirror and love what I see. You not only affect me, but my children and grandchildren. You are a big reason why I live…not why I am alive… but why I live! I know that the promises of God are a promise to me. I LOVE YOU!!! -Angela, Michigan

We definitely felt hopeful and very comfortable. They were amazing. They were right on time, very “safe” feeling to talk to. We will definitely be going back for more guidance, input and tools to help us down the road. I would very highly recommend them. I especially was very nervous about sharing my heart with complete strangers, but they both made both of us feel safe and comfortable to do so. I know they will be a tremendous help to us in our marriage. – Kellie, Colorado

Michael and Diana make you feel at home, like you’ve been friends for a lifetime. Then that comfort level allows you to feel vulnerable enough to open yourself up to whatever inner reflection is necessary. They empathize but also challenge. You won’t find more love and respect between two people anywhere else than between these two…and it’s contagious. -Jordan and Anna, Missouri

Diana and Michael are compassionate listeners and insightful advisors. They have counseled with an un-biased viewpoint, but with straightforward and honest feedback. We admire their openness about their own relationship, and appreciate getting the point-of-view of both a male and female; this couple-counseling-couple approach has put us both at ease. They have given us great insights into our selves and into our personalities and have helped us get our marriage back on track through their kind and loving approach. -Amy, Colorado

heart-collageMy fiancé and I found ourselves carrying a lot of baggage that was hurting our relationship. Michael and Diana held us both accountable for past and future actions and lead us in the right direction. They made us aware of deeper issues that we had most likely overlooked and taught us that we can succeed with having a whole heart and not to know each other just on the surface but on a deeper level. -Chris and Bri, Colorado

We came to them on the verge of separation and divorce. After about two months we really believe that our transformation has been nothing less than a miracle. Michael and Diana have a way of leading us back to each other.  Their knowledge of relationships is extensive and they have a way of explaining things that my husband can understand and relate to without judgment or without feeling judged.  We are so grateful that we found them and continue to see them to improve on our relationship. We would highly recommend them for any situation you may need guidance for. -Grady and Kim, Colorado